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Hi!! Please to meet u all, I'm a newbie and would like to ask some questions please.

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Hi!! Please to meet u all, I'm a newbie and would like to ask some questions please.

Post  ostpr on Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:20 pm

This may sound silly but what server are u guys playing.
I used to play it on Lagernet but now I cannot play it anymore and don't know why. (It's always error while patching)

Then I found this community in facebook and check some last posts anddd it's fresh like just yesterday I'm so exciting that this game has not die yet, there for I wonder that are there any other server than Lagernet that still provide Fairyland?

Or anyone may give me an advice on what happen to my Lagernet server and how should I fix it because I already googled my problem but still cannot.

After all, I miss this game soooooo damn much, want to play it again.
If any of u have an advice for me pleaseee tell me. I'm crazy right now !!

PS. Hopefully, if anyone has come up with clue or sound familiar to this problem on Lagernet above, just tell me and if you need some details I will get it for you. (ex. an error code or what it's said when the error occured. I cannot remember much of them so might take some times searching.)

Thank you very much everyone to make my soul alive again. Hahaha.
Very Happy [i]

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Re: Hi!! Please to meet u all, I'm a newbie and would like to ask some questions please.

Post  Anxious87 on Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:27 pm

About the patching, check your firewall configuration or disable it temporary (in case you have one firewall installed onto your computer)

And, answering to the service thing, there are 2 more servers as far as i know apart, Fairyland Taiwan and Fairyland Hong Kong, although there are some registration guides in few Fairyland Online websites, both websites and community languages are Chinese, if you don't know that language... well, it's your choice.

Anyways (and i tell this just for information purposes), on the Fairyland Online Taiwanese and Hongkonese servers, the game operators takes care of their servers, instead of the almost-null care the current worldwide Fairyland Online server operators have with their own server, they have a decent gear making system, more items, and in the Fairyland Online Taiwanese server, one friend told me they have one NPC in Tranquil Tundra who gives special working tools for free.


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