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Game Stats and Attributes

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Game Stats and Attributes

Post  Kazzanobba on Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:26 am

Stats and attributes.
Have you ever wonder what each stat means and what do they do?

This Stat is recommended for Warriors, Pure STR Beastlords, and Pure STR traders. Str increase the weight limit a char can carry. It increases the physical damage your char does.

Intelligence (INT)
This stat is recommended for Pure INT diviners (AOL, SOD, and MAGE), since MP is very necessary for them. It decides the limit of mana points (MP) a player has. Also, the recover speed of mana points. If You want to increase the damage of your spell, it's recommended that diviners add INT stats only at each level. The more INT you have, the more damage you'll do.

Dexterity (DEX)
This stat decides the success rate to dodging on battle, the hit rate of physical attack and the speed of one's attack. This is stat is mostly use for player who want to PK. Having more dex will allow you to attack faster than your enemy. This stat is also recommended for Pwar (Purple war) BeastLords.

Constitution (CON)

This stats decides the recover speed of your HP (hit points) and the max life points a player has. It's recommended but not necessary to add 40 CON stats until level 40 to gain more HP. Now days people are able to buy or make their own Consets. These items allow them to gain higher MP and HP on their characters as they level up each level.

Charm (CHA)
This stat decides the success rate to capture a  pet in the wild. Mostly recommended for Beast-Lords who enjoy capturing pets.

Luck (LUK)
This stat decides the hit rate of your attack, the success rate to dodge attacks and others. It can also help you find rare beasts or rare items. This stat is mostly recommended for Pure LUK trader to help them find rare drops and money.

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