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TmPoisenmT Empty TmPoisenmT

Post  TmPoisenmT on Sat Aug 25, 2012 4:55 pm

Welcome To My Description of a TmPoisenmT
A TmPoisenmT is a definately random person from Denmark (In Europe),
who loves to play a game called "Fairyland Online".

He have played game since beta was in action. The game is MMORPG
based, which means he likes it Very Happy

He started in Fairyland Online (English Version of da game),
with a blademan called, something he dont remember atm.

Right after it passed LVL 13, he deleted it, because he would like
a Mage instead.

The mage he created went really slow to LVL 50, where it stucked
for a while. Until he remembered a friend who had helped him from
Fairyland USA.

The player called "Astrid", it's a girl name, but a old man called his
character that name. TmPoisenmT got alot help from Astrid,
and suddenly he finally became Archmage! LVL 60.

Woa "Astrid" - Thank you alot from your help, what am i supposed
to do now? Im archmage = strong, no need EC training i thought.
After a little break
TmPoisenmT started playing game again, cause it's super awesome
and he met player "tjl" and "axyltrowa", those 2 players became
his best friends, and he suddenly after joined their clan.
The clan was called "Vanguards", and soon they found out that,
TmPoisenmT loved to make websites, so he made a official
clan website to clan "Vanguards" - Link "http://www.FL-Vanguards.webs.com".

They first thinked he was wierd, but after some time they,
realised he was pretty good to make some morale and life,
in their clan.

Some time after "axyltrowa" got scammed and both stopped
playing da game Sad sad times Sad,.. Immediately TmPoisenmT
joined clan "Forsaken", where he got alot of friends, and after
a little time, got promoted to Minor Leader.

He really liked dat clan as his own family ingame, but right
after some time, he would like his own clan. Just as awesome
like the "Forsaken" clan, so he made clan "LifePartners", with
he's best buddy from the "Forsaken" clan, called "leoparderic".

Right after a week or two, leoparderic also made his own clan,
dont know the reasons actually, but TmPoisenmT really wanted
his own strong clan.

So he recruited some players he found through Slime Maze,
called Raixen, Schneider & summonner. They made the clan
come really awesome with TmPoisenmT. He made them as
Minor leaders, and they were all having fun.

After little time after, summonner stopped playing the game
also Sad sad times again!!! Sad, but then TmPoisenmT, discovered
a whole new master. KAZZ!!!O_O
He promoted right away kazz to his new minor leader, and
he made the clan even more awesome.

Some time after TmPoisenmT had one more break with the game,
and he made kazz major leader, for the clan not should die.
And it didnt die, and now.. i dont know what to write.

I hoped you liked my story ;D

Best Regards -
Clan - LifePartners - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Very Happy!
Archmage And Pretty Very Happy


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TmPoisenmT Empty Re: TmPoisenmT

Post  Kazzanobba on Sat Aug 25, 2012 5:09 pm

That's a nice story and good to know more about you. It sure has been and it is fun being in Lifepartners. I'll do my best to provide everyone with a good gaming experience and atmosphere.

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