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Post  Anxious87 on Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:50 am

Ok, there i go.

I'm 24 and I live in Terrassa, Spain, and one neet and user against social and tyrane content censorship, except when censoring gender/race/age/handicap discrimination, and except when censoring meetings to steal, break private properties *1, rape and do physical aggresions, i agree in censoring that things. For the moment, i am waiting for september to do one closs platform applications development cycle, from professional formation high grade cycles. Nowadays im trying to do home tasks and help developing on one project idk if can be said here.

I have: one little fairy plush, one mobile phone just for receive and eventually send calls altough i wouldnt have it if wasn't because my father insists on it, some little development knowledges, awareness of media manipulation when referring to oligarchist, some techno hardcore tracks made (My artist name in youtube and Soundcloud is Dynamic Existence). opportunist and militarist tyranes, and asperger syndrom(related with myself).

Sideways i have ashtma, nicotine addiction, generalized anxiety disorder, thinking too much, procastination, obesity, social phobia, biophobia(hance one of my bls nick), sprains in the ankles, amnesia, lack of focus, half broken hands, i use eyeglasses.

I consider myself ignostic, gross sometimes, fartist at home, anarchist, nervous, with lot of worries, and sometimes nice (nice as objectivelly educate and handsome, not as controversily grossless traditional polite person with anyone neverminding if i am hostile or not), except when someone tries to domain me, anyways not sure of this paragraph.

I have: 7 months worked in one factory before the crysis hits spain, one title of professional formation middle grade of microcomputer systems and networks whom can only work as help desk languages domain such as german, chinese or portuguese(...) and cant find around internet any job for work as one technician/assistant in one pc/hardware shop. I also have one pc with windows XP SP3 IT academy, one ssd disk, one router with ISP cuts

I want:

One driver license, to can live away from cities in one electric living vanette with power from sun without policitians and city majors banning it without the popular consentment of most people and hiding the intentions on banning in their media campaigns that things before gettinbg voted, one decent bed, loss weight, get rollerskates of two line wheels if one day i loss weight and go around skating, find a decent job.

I dont have: couple, childs, simpathy for any mass media oligarchist politician group (at least of the spanish ones), driver license, lot of irl friends, iphone, smartphones, brand clothes, .

I dont want:

Couple, childs, listen reggaeton, listen salsa music, listen hip hop, listen commercial classical/commercial neoclassical music(one lacrimosa or one olafur arnalds-Gleypa Okkur is fine with me), listen dubstep, listen electrohouse music, smartphones, tyranes, bank robs to citizens, politicians in banks high staff, oligarchist laws in "democracies", physical pain, lose time seeing sports in TV, lose time watching TV, listen pop, listen rock, listen most of metal, pi**az(that round thing with bad smally flavours, c***se and meat), tortured and hitted animals in farms, bullfighting, animal fights made by men and for men, Nikola Tesla and similar people censored and/or killed by oil companies(i want them free and alive showing and making giving free and not bad enviromental energy methods, pay one inflated and highly overpriced flat for live alone (i prefer before one living vanette or live with my parents), cloth corps paying a misery to orient asian workers and later sell "good quality mainstream" clothes getting sickly rich the corpmen of that few clothing corps (so i prefer to buy clothes of white brands or in the chinese bazaars directly until i know how to make my own clothes)

*1- (i dont mean samples, games... and other things one sells to others with conditions such certain restrictions(see my sig for one example) without any legal alternative to use that art without that restrictions, i mean the things ones uses for one self having sweated for it, such as one vehicle or one computer)

Probably i forget somethings and didnt say other things due to the rules, anything, if i can and want and know about it, i reply.


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