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Post  Kazzanobba on Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:03 am

This is the complete list is Clan cards needed for each level. Remember, if you want more details on clans and related information, visit Ironwolves site here:

Fairyland Clan Cards

To get to level 2 you will need the following cards!

Red Puppet
Water Slug
Light Beetle
Metal Slime
Evil Vulture

To get to level 3 you will need the following cards!

Evil tiger
Wood eagle
Flaming Pegasus
Light Hedgehog
Golden Lion
Black Widow

To get to level 4 you will need the following cards!

Earth Wolf
Fire Aibo
Gold Monkey
Poison Skeleton
Gold Tiger
Wood Spider
Water Crab(Flat)
Earth beetle
Light Po
Black hog
Water ghost
Mossy rock

To get to level 5 you will need the following cards!

Fire Crab
Wood Crab
Fire Clam -
Wood Hermit Crab
Water Octopus
Metal Spotted Fish
Water Seahorse
Water Whale
Metal Lamplighter

To get to level 6 you will need the following cards!
You will aslo get a Clan Security Box and 70 Members capacity

Gold Llama
Hydro Tiger
Wood Griffin
Wooly Dog
Nissa Camel
Water Smiling Kitty
Earth Skunk
Red Wing Monkey
Green Crow
Wood Bat
Golden Owl
Earth Elephant
Water Leopard
Black Beauty
Wood lion
Green Koala
Earth Platypus
Earth Penguin

To get to level 7 you will need the following cards!
You will also obtain Clan Tunnels. Tunnel to GB(Down)/Rainbow City(Left)/BlueBird(Up)/Baghdad(Right)

Metal Phantom
Metal Skelleton
White Skeleton
Metal Demon
Grim Witch
Water Ghost
Fire Spirit
Earth Spirit
The Haunt
Blood Skeleton
Water Skeleton
Earth Skeleton
Poison Skeleton
Fire Succubus
Wood Pumpkin
Dark Tree
Hell Reaper
Water Scarecrow

To get to level 8 you will need the cards!
You will also get a second Clan Bank

Red Beetle
Dark Beetle
Water Beetle
Light Beetle
Wood Beetle
Golden Beetle
Earth Beetle
Fire Spider
Black Widow
Water Spider
Light Spider
Wood Spider
Golden Spider
Earth Spider
Fire Slug
Black Crawler (Slug)
Water Slug
Light Slug
Wood Crawler (Slug)
Earth Slug
Large Red Butterfly
Black Butterfly
Water Butterfly
Angel Butterfly
Leaf Butterfly
Golden Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly
Earth Burrower
Dark Caterpillar
Wood Burrower
Honey Bee
Surf Bee
Flame Bee
Earth Bee

To get to level 9 you will need the following cards!
When you reach level 9 you will get a Clan Farm House

Jungle Floating Sword
Silver Floating Sword
Flash Floating Sword
Devil Floating Sword
Flame Floating Sword
Stone Floating Sword
Sky Floating Sword
Mystic Mimic
Underground Mimic
Gold Treasure Chest
Puzzle Mimic
Biting Mimic
Sea Mimic
Greedy Goblin
Shy Goblin
Trance Goblin
Earth Goblin
Brave Goblin
Tricky Goblin
Wood Spirit
Flame Giant (Genie)
Genie Spirit 56-86
Earth Giant (Genie)
Flashlight Spirit (Genie)

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